How To Make Writing Launch Copy Feel Easy: 4 Copywriter-Approved Steps To Help You Write Impactful Launch Copy

Ella Denson-Smith
June 10, 2024
10 min

Writing all of the copy for your launch can feel incredibly overwhelming. There’s not much worse than knowing you need to write a sales page, an email sequence and about 100 other pieces of copy but having no idea where to start or what (or how) to write it all. 

It’s just you, your blank page staring back at you and the temptation to forget about launching entirely. 

If you’re wondering who I am and how I know what this can feel like…

Hi, I’m Ella (it’s lovely to meet you!) and I’m the founder of Epiphany Copy.  As a copywriter, I spend my days helping purpose-driven female founders craft captivating copy that is led by strategy, driven by values and infused with psychology. So it’s safe to say I know a thing or two about writing copy! 

This is why I know first-hand how much work goes into writing launch copy. And if you want to write launch copy that sells (without feeling like you’re tearing your hair out in the process) there are a few things you can do to make your life a little bit easier!

So I’ve taken over Emily's blog to tell you all about them. So let’s dive in and say goodbye to that blank page and overwhelm for good!

Step 1: Master your messaging (do not skip this step!!)

Before you even try to write a single word of your launch copy, you need to establish your core copy foundations. 

Your core copy foundations are going to set the stage for every piece of copy you write and give you the direction you need to keep all of your launch copy consistent (which is very important- you don’t want your audience to read an email sequence, click through to your sales page and be met with a completely different tone of voice and vibe!). 

Essentially, these core copy foundations help you to effectively communicate why your offer is so amazing and why you’re the person to help. They also give you clarity when writing and the confidence you need to create copy that sells your offer!

And if you’re wondering what the hell copy foundations are, here are some examples of what you should establish first before you sit down to write:

  • The deliverables of your offer
  • Who the offer is for including their current struggles and desires
  • The transformation your offer will provide them with 
  • Names and taglines 
  • Your ‘so what’ factor - this is super important! Go through your deliverables and ask yourself self ‘so what?’. Why is this relevant to your audience? For example, say they get a weekly call when they sign up for your coaching program…great, so what? What does this mean for them?
  • Awareness levels- what stage of awareness is your audience at? 

These are just a few of the foundations you should establish before you start writing! 

There are lots more to consider, and different types such as direct and indirect foundations, but if you start with these when you sit down to write, you’ll find your words flow much easier!

Step 2: Create your copy ecosystem 

As we’ve already established, there can be SO many individual pieces of copy that you need to write when you're launching an offer. 

Each piece will play its own role in your launch and have its individual purpose. However, launch copy works like an ecosystem…each piece of copy supports your other pieces of copy! So although you need to establish the individual goals for each piece, you also need to think about how it’s going to work together. 

This is when creating a copy strategy comes into play! 

My advice is to start with your big goal- think about what you’re trying to achieve with your launch. Then look at each type of copy you’re writing (like email sequences, sales pages and content) and identify how each type of content can support your overarching goal in its own way.

Then break it down one step further and look at the individual pieces of copy within the types of copy you’ll be writing. So when looking at your content, break it down into individual captions and blogs.

Create topics, CTAs and mini-goals for each piece. This is how you ensure they can stand on their own but also support your overarching goal (which is probably to sell out your new service!). 

This is when you can lean on those copy foundations we established earlier- make sure you’re covering those in every type of content you write in one way or another. 

Remember: Each piece of copy should serve its own purpose and stand on its own but it should also elevate the copy around it, boosting the overall impact of your copy.

Step 3: Write the copy 

I know I know… easier said than done.

Unless you’ve done steps one and two because then you’ll know exactly what to say (thanks to your copy foundations) and you have a plan in place that tells you what copy to write and what topics you need to be covering in each piece (thanks to your already established copy ecosystem!). 

So you’re no longer staring at that blank page which makes the writing process feel a lot less intimidating. 

All you need to focus on now is implementing sales psychology and strategy to make sure your copy leaves an impact. I could write 100 blogs on how to do this depending on what type of copy you’re writing but for now, I want to leave you with a couple of my top tips for each of the main types of copy you’re likely to be writing for your launch!

Email sequences

  • Focus on creating really great subject lines for each of your emails. Because if they aren’t enticing enough to make people want to open them…it doesn’t matter what you’ve written inside the email!
  • Include a ‘P.S’ if you want to increase your conversions. A lot of people open an email and scroll to the bottom, so make sure you include a ‘P.S’ that quickly sums up the email and links to your main CTA. 
  • Speaking of CTAs…please stick to one per email!

Sales Pages

  • Focus on the above-the-fold (this is the first part of the page someone sees when they open the page without having to scroll down). This needs to capture your audience's attention and instantly tell them who the offer is for, what transformation it will help them achieve and how to take action. 
  • Be strategic with your testimonials- don’t just lump them all at the bottom of the page! Place them throughout the page and use them to back up claims you make about your new offer as you go along.


  • Think about creating content for the 3 different phases of your launch: The warm-up phase (before you launch), during the launch and after the launch. 
  • Create content with your audience's awareness levels in mind. 97% of people in your audience aren't ready to buy so you need to move them along the awareness scale until they are and your content is a great way to do this!

Keep your focus on building connections and trust with your audience. 76% of people will buy from a brand they feel connected to over a competitor so use that to your advantage!

Step 4: Take the pressure off yourself

If all of this still feels like a lot, I get it. 

Many of my clients have felt the same. This is why I created my Launch Epiphany VIP Days to provide you with tailored launch support and copywriting expertise to boost your excitement, confidence and conversion potential in one day. 

During your VIP day, we’ll work together to establish all of your core copy foundations so you can master your messaging, strategically plan out every single piece of copy in your launch ecosystem AND I’ll tell you exactly how to write each piece of copy. I’ll share my signature copy structures, high-converting psychology tips and copywriting expertise so there’s no guesswork when it comes to writing copy that converts. 

But that’s not it, you’ll also receive a copywriting audit once you’ve written your copy, a copywriting playbook detailing your next steps, a sales page copy template and The Fundamentals of Sales Page Design Guide created by none other than the incredible Emily Betts!

She’s created this guide exclusively for those who sign up for a VIP Day with me and I couldn’t be more grateful (Emily, you’re amazing). 

If you’d like to learn more about how my Launch Epiphany VIP Days can make launching and writing your copy feel easy and exciting (and how you can get your hands on Emily’s incredible design guide), click here to book a free discovery call and we can chat all about it!

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